Half Inch High 'Half Inch High' is a series of self-contained comic strips set in a narrative world in which normal-sized people live together with minuscule individuals.

  1. General overview

General overview

The world population is divided in two classes: the normal-sized people and the tiny ones, who are small since birth and whose height rarely goes beyond 0.5 inches (1 cm).

No, nobody shrank anyone: micro people have always existed, and those who are tiny have been small since they were born. 🙂

— United Giants 🌐 (@LabbaArt) 29 gennaio 2019

Coexistence between the two kinds of people is mainly peaceful, meaning that there are no wars or any other big conflicts going on between them in most parts of the world, where the tiny ones are actually an active part of society and are not regarded as a different species altogether, or treated like animals or pests.