Hi! First of all, thank you for coming to my website—and to this section in particular. What can I say? I'm Labba, a 26-year old artist from Italy who loves drawing big and small people! You can find me on Twitter and deviantART, even if I re-upload all of my works here as well.

I hope you enjoy the pics I make, though if you're into giant and tiny people as much as I am, I have no doubt that you will!

About this site

This site went online on Thursday, November 22, 2018. None of this would have been possible without my dearest friend Kreeyz, who worked hard to help me put all of this on the Internet. This site is mainly made of three sections:

  • the Comics & Art section, where you can find a list of all pages from my 'Half Inch High' series of comic strips, not to mention my art galleries sorted by year;
  • the My Characters section, where you can read about my OCs, both the ones from 'Half Inch High' and the other ones;
  • the Other Things section, where you can find all the other stuff that didn't fit in the previous sections, such as my friend Fifteen1413 and I's Giantess Calculator, that you can use to obtain a lot of measurements and other info on your own giantess OC solely by letting us know her size.

Hopefully this site will be expanded in the future, so to contain even more pages and stuff; but until then, have a lot of fun browsing it!

How to contact me

To send me a message, you can either tweet me or send me a note on deviantART. But if you need to send me anything, you can also send me an email at unitedgiants@labbacomics.com!