Half Inch High

'Half Inch High' is a series of self-contained comic strips set in a narrative world in which normal-sized people live together with minuscule individuals whose height doesn't go beyond 0.5 inches (1 cm); these comics are usually uploaded to my Twitter account, but I repost them here as well. Select a strip from the list on the left to read it!

1.  A Careless Classmate
(March 16-17, 2018)
Two unfortunate schoolgirls learn how hard life is when you're only half an inch tall...
2.  My Tiny Boyfriend
(May 8-9, 2018)
What would you do if you had a boyfriend who's only half an inch tall?
3.  A Cruel Ex-Girlfriend
(May 31-June 1, 2018)
A girl meets her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, and finds out she's only half an inch tall...
4.  The New Science Teacher
(August 26-27, 2018)
Can you teach a class of normal-sized students, if you're only half an inch tall? A science teacher is about to find out...
5.  The Micro Student Representative
(September 5-6, 2018)
Meet Ogasaki Mai, the toughest micro student representative you'll ever find in any mixed-size high school in all of Japan!
6.  Detective Girl
(October 21-22, 2018)
A girl called Nana starts suspecting that all the micro deaths occurring at her high school might actually be caused by a certain someone...
7.  The New Transfer Student
(November 18, 2018)
[Collaboration with Teraguis] Romi and the Half Inch High girls finally meet each other! What's going to happen now?
8.  Where's My Brother?
(November 30-December 1, 2018)
A girl cannot find her brother anymore. What could be worse than this? It's easily said: her brother is only half an inch tall!
9.  Four Years Ago
(December 22-23, 2018)
A flashback shows us how, even four years ago, things weren't very different for micro people at Mai's high school...
10.  Saya's Little Adventure
(February 4-5, 2019)
Meet Saya, a sheltered tiny child who wants to know more about the big world around her: and what is the best place to start from, if not her normal-sized sister's high school?
11.  Kill The Witnesses
(February 28-March 1, 2019)
Every school has its bullies, but nothing is scarier than meeting a bully who is two hundred times bigger than you...
12.  The Art Of Cosplay
(March 28-29, 2019)
What could possibly happen when a girl decides to enter a micro-only zone for a cosplay photoshoot?
13.  Just A Plaything
(May 3-4, 2019)
No matter how hard the micro students try—the cruel, big bullies will always have the upper hand...
14.  The Beach Episode
(July 9-10, 2019)
That's right, folks: it's about time our girls went to the beach! And obviously, hilarious micro people shenanigans ensue...
15.  Cockroach!
(September 30-October 1, 2019)
An unfortunate micro couple decides to spend some time alone inside the school infirmary, but things soon take a turn for the worse...
16.  Rainy Days
(November 27-28, 2019)
From the point of view of a half-an-inch tall person, rain might sound like the worst thing ever: but there are even worse things that can happen to a micro student during a rainy day...
17.  My Friend Alice
(February 10-11, 2020)
My name is Usako, although everyone calls me Bunny. It hurts me to see how rough life is for my tiny schoolmates, and sadly my friend Alice isn't exactly helping with her antics..
18.  Sekira's Online Bully
(April 11-12, 2020)
What happens when a bully is herself bullied by someone she met online? And what if this person is actually smaller than that bully's thumb? And what if the two happen to go... to the same school?
19.  Love Is Love
(May 12-13, 2020)
As we all know, heartfelt love confessions aren't unheard of when it comes to Japanese high schools: but what happens when the one who's confessing his feelings is only 1/180th the size of the girl he likes?
20.  Lunch On The Rooftop
(June 17-18, 2020)
The bullies at the Hanichi high school finally cross the line, as a girl and her tiny boyfriend have an unpleasant encounter while having their lunch on the school rooftop...
21.  A Sibling Story
(September 9-10, 2020)
Saya and the others are discussing the recent events at a friend's house, when a small prank quickly snowballs into something that could have much more serious consequences for the small group of micros...
22.  The Shogi Club
(October 20-21, 2020)
A flashback taking place three years and a half ago tells us about Mai's first day as head of the micro student council, during which she also happened to meet the (future) head of the normal-size student council, Ganaha Kanako...
23.  Gym Class
(December 11-12, 2020)
Most of the main characters meet one another in the gym during P.E.: what sort of hijinks could possibly ensue whenever students of different sizes group together to run or play volleyball?
24.  Coexistence Class
(April 17-18, 2021)
In a world where differently-sized people exist, learning to live together is such an important skill that it is actually taught in school. However, when one particularly troublesome student is involved...
25.  Hikikomori
(October 6-7, 2021)
After the events of a past episode, a certain girl decided to become a shut-in and never get close to another micro person ever again. But a tiny classmate shows up at her house, and he's keen on getting her to quit her life as a hikikomori...
26.  Rescue Mission (Part 1)
(March 9-10, 2022)
While the rain is coming down, Mai meets Bunny: however, this brief encounter soon spirals into a dangerous adventure when Mai realizes someone is in need of help.

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