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Giantess Calculator

Welcome to Fifteen1413 & LabbaArt's Giantess Calculator! If you have ever wondered how small the world would appear to eyes of your OC, or, conversely, how big she'd really be if you were to meet her, then here is where you can find a precise numerical answer to such questions and more.

Step 1

Normal-size data

Here you may enter any known data about your girl (you must think of her as being normal-sized for the time being). The more you fill, the better!

Only integer values greater than zero are allowed, except for the hips to waist ratio field below that allows decimal values between 0.55 and 0.85.

Normal-size height (cm)
Normal-size weight (kg)
Hair length (cm)
Eyelash length (mm)
Fingernail length (mm)
Hips to waist ratio
Bust size
Step 2

Giantess-size data

This is where size becomes part of the equation! Using the following forms, you can enter your character's true height. Inputs are cumulative, so the numbers in each field will automatically be added together at the end.

If you don't know her precise height, you can simply type how much bigger she is compared to her normal-sized self (e.g. 50 times) using the scaling factor field. Of course, do not fill both types of field at the same time or you will get an error: just use the most appropriate one given the data you have on your own character!

Exact size  
Observable universe diameters
Scaling factor  
Scaling factor
Step 3

Select outputs

Here you can customize the type and amount of outputs you will be seeing. Once that is done, feel free to click on the button below and jump to the results page!

Show everything
Show all physical outputs
Show all movement and energy outputs
Show all accessories outputs
Show all kemonomimi outputs


Are any of these forms optional?

The forms in the ‘Normal size data’ section are optional; if any of them are left blank, it will automatically be filled with pre-set values. The forms in the ‘Giantess size data’ are compulsory, but you can freely decide whether to input the girl's height as a giantess or the scaling factor.

What units does this calculator use?

This calculator is programmed to use a mix of SI units and custom units. Click here to learn more about about the metric system of units!

How big is the diameter of the observable universe?

It's 93 billion light-years.