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Half Inch High

‘Half Inch High’ is a series of self-contained comic strips set in a narrative world in which normal-sized people live together with minuscule individuals whose height doesn't go beyond 0.5 inches (1 cm); these comics are usually uploaded to my Twitter account, but I repost them here as well. Select a strip from the list on the left to read it!

Episode list

Latest episode
The students of the Hanichi mixed-size school go on a trip, with Kyoto being their destination of choice: however, trouble is afoot among the members of group 7.
After finding themselves trapped inside Bunny's house, the focus of the mission shifts from saving the girl in danger to being noticed by the giant girl—who's still unaware of the whole ordeal.
While the rain is coming down, Mai meets Bunny: however, this brief encounter soon spirals into a dangerous adventure when Mai realizes someone is in need of help.
After the events of a past episode, a certain girl decided to become a shut-in and never get close to another micro person ever again. But a tiny classmate shows up at her house, and he's keen on getting her to quit her life as a hikikomori...
In a world where differently-sized people exist, learning to live together is such an important skill that it is actually taught in school. However, when one particularly troublesome student is involved...
Most of the main characters meet one another in the gym during P.E.: what sort of hijinks could possibly ensue whenever students of different sizes group together to run or play volleyball?
A flashback taking place three years and a half ago tells us about Mai's first day as head of the micro student council, during which she also happened to meet the (future) head of the normal-size student council, Ganaha Kanako...
Saya and the others are discussing the recent events at a friend's house, when a small prank quickly snowballs into something that could have much more serious consequences for the small group of micros...
The bullies at the Hanichi high school finally cross the line, as a girl and her tiny boyfriend have an unpleasant encounter while having their lunch on the school rooftop...
As we all know, heartfelt love confessions aren't unheard of when it comes to Japanese high schools: but what happens when the one who's confessing his feelings is only 1/180th the size of the girl he likes?

About the characters

A bit of a bully.
The kindest girl in the school.
Head of the normal-size student council.
Head of the micro student council.
The detective girl.
Hit rock bottom and rose again.
Nana's innocent sister.
A murderous psychopath.
Sekira's more level-headed buddy.