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Tsumi is a side character of Half Inch High, being one of Alice's two bully pals.

General info

Despite being of the same ilk as Alice and Sekira, this blonde girl is a more of a calculative type of individual, showing the same evil traits as the other two but taking the utmost precautions in never being associated with them publicly, so that nobody can suspect anything. This said, she doesn't have any other close friends apart from them either, preferring to blend into the background instead.

Unlike the other two, she is not that much into gaming; however, she is very into manga.

Role in the story so far

Tsumi debuted in episode 11 (Kill The Witnesses), where she was shown bullying someone with Alice and Sekira. She was seen giving Sekira advice via phone on how to deal with a micro she had captured, though she quickly lost interest when Sekira made a fool of herself (Sekira's Online Bully), and she was also seen checking Alice's Twitter account to stay updated on her latest shenanigans in the micro-only zone (Coexistence Class).


In a world where differently-sized people exist, learning to live together is such an important skill that it is actually taught in school. However, when one particularly troublesome student is involved...
What happens when a bully is herself bullied by someone she met online? And what if this person is actually smaller than that bully's thumb? And what if the two happen to go... to the same school?
An unfortunate micro couple decides to spend some time alone inside the school infirmary, but things soon take a turn for the worse...
Every school has its bullies, but nothing is scarier than meeting a bully who is two hundred times bigger than you...