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Sekira is a side character of Half Inch High, being one of Alice's two bully pals.

General info

She could easily be classified as plainly evil, as she enjoys crushing tiny people for their size alone; and while she tries to hide this side of her personality as best as possible not to incur penalties or be arrested, pretty much the whole school—particularly the micro students—are aware of, or at least suspect, what is really going on in her mind. Because of this, even most of the normal-size students try to avoid her, which results in her being friends only with Alice and Tsumi.

Just like Alice, she seems to enjoy gaming (mostly online) when alone.

Role in the story so far

Sekira debuted in episode 10 (Saya's Little Adventure), where she spotted Saya and immediately attempted to crush her. She was later seen with Alice and Tsumi engaging in more such actions, both against regular students (Kill The Witnesses) or Mai directly (Just A Plaything).


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