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Alice is one of the main characters of Half Inch High, being one of Bunny's friends.

General info

Alice is a girl who is known in the school for her way of teasing micros, no matter if they are students like her or teachers; however, the true scale of the actions she is capable of is still unknown to most, as she keeps the most extreme form of her bullying secret, especially from Bunny.

When micros are not involved, she is generally a very friendly and outspoken girl who enjoys chatting and hanging out with her friends, while not being very interested in school stuff. When alone, she seemingly likes playing video games.

Role in the story so far

Alice debuted in episode 3 (A Cruel Ex-Girlfriend), where she kidnapped a micro girl that she has apparently been keeping with her ever since; her malicious actions have only increased since then, including—but not limited to—humiliating the head of the micro student council, Mai (The Micro Student Representative), as well as attempting to have her squashed right in front of her by her buddy Sekira (Just A Plaything).

As of now, the one who is currently suspecting her the most is Nana: she has however been unable to uncover anything so far, and Alice has been mostly unaware of her investigation. She's however perfectly aware of Bunny's attitude towards her, who has shifted from benevolent to not very tolerant due to her continued teasing of micros.


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