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Bunny (real name: Usako) is one of the main characters of Half Inch High.

General info

Bunny is a regular high school girl who's generally liked by most of her schoolmates; she's known for her gentle and kind attitude (especially towards micros), and she was also one of the very few normal-size students to have a micro boyfriend. She really likes wearing ribbons (which explains the “Bunny” nickname her friends gave her, and that she now uses to refer to herself, too) and adores cute stuff in general. However she's also known for her absent-mindedness, which makes her a pretty dangerous individual to stay close to for micros.

She is friends with Alice, but is, like pretty much everyone else, unaware of her most heinous actions; nevertheless, she is getting increasingly fed up even with the little she gives away of her real personality. She is also aware of Mai's campaign for tiny people's rights, which she agrees with despite not being directly involved with it.

Role in the story so far

Bunny debuted in episode 2 (My Tiny Boyfriend), where she accidentally crushed her own micro boyfriend. Ever since then, she's been involved in a number of similar accidents (e.g. The Beach Episode, Gym Class).

In the later episodes, she got the chance to speak her mind—at least partially—to Alice directly (Coexistence Class), as well as to rescue Mai from danger (Rescue Mission (Part 2)). As of now, her attitude towards Alice has decisely grown colder compared to the start of the series (Road To Kyoto).


Latest episode
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After finding themselves trapped inside Bunny's house, the focus of the mission shifts from saving the girl in danger to being noticed by the giant girl—who's still unaware of the whole ordeal.
While the rain is coming down, Mai meets Bunny: however, this brief encounter soon spirals into a dangerous adventure when Mai realizes someone is in need of help.
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My name is Usako, although everyone calls me Bunny. It hurts me to see how rough life is for my tiny schoolmates, and sadly my friend Alice isn't exactly helping with her antics...
From the point of view of a half-an-inch tall person, rain might sound like the worst thing ever: but there are even worse things that can happen to a micro student during a rainy day...
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