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Mai is one of the main characters of Half Inch High, being the head of the micro student council.

General info

Mai is a strong advocate for tiny people' rights, and she is known in the whole school for loudly asking for respect in the corridors nearly every morning. Because of her activities and position in the micro student council, Bunny, Nana, Alice and many other students know her very well—though most of them generally stay uninvolved in all of her fights.

She often appears stoic, but she can get as afraid as anybody else should the situation become too scary; she carries the burden of having witnessed way many misfortunes without being able to have done much about them.

Role in the story so far

Despite her strong resolve, her spirit has been crushed hugely in her debut episode by Alice (The Micro Student Representative), though it seems that she is slowly getting back into action after that one incident. She was also later toyed with by Alice's bully friend Sekira, who pretended to step on her after killing some of her colleagues from the micro student council in order to discourage her from installing security cameras in the school (Just A Plaything).

One micro person she particularly respected, her senpai who was also the former representative of the micro students at Mai's school, was brutally squashed in front of her own eyes (Four Yeaes Ago). Because of this, she acquired the will to fight for the rights of those like her, and eventually reached the position of head of the micro student council.


After finding themselves trapped inside Bunny's house, the focus of the mission shifts from saving the girl in danger to being noticed by the giant girl—who's still unaware of the whole ordeal.
While the rain is coming down, Mai meets Bunny: however, this brief encounter soon spirals into a dangerous adventure when Mai realizes someone is in need of help.
A flashback taking place three years and a half ago tells us about Mai's first day as head of the micro student council, during which she also happened to meet the (future) head of the normal-size student council, Ganaha Kanako...
As we all know, heartfelt love confessions aren't unheard of when it comes to Japanese high schools: but what happens when the one who's confessing his feelings is only 1/180th the size of the girl he likes?
What happens when a bully is herself bullied by someone she met online? And what if this person is actually smaller than that bully's thumb? And what if the two happen to go... to the same school?
No matter how hard the micro students try—the cruel, big bullies will always have the upper hand...
Every school has its bullies, but nothing is scarier than meeting a bully who is two hundred times bigger than you...
A flashback shows us how, even four years ago, things weren't very different for micro people at Mai's high school...
Meet Ogasaki Mai, the toughest micro student representative you'll ever find in any mixed-size high school in all of Japan!