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Kanako is a side character of Half Inch High, being the head of the normal-size student council.

General info

Not much is presently known about her, but she seems to be rather cynical towards micros. She used to be in the shogi club (The Shogi Club), where she first met Mai. Her relationship with her seems to be quite adversarial at times.

Role in the story so far

Kanako has not appeared much in the story thus far; she once attempted to persuade Nozomi from getting a micro boyfriend again after suggesting there was nothing that could be done about the accident she had just been involved in on the rooftop (Hikikomori).


After the events of a past episode, a certain girl decided to become a shut-in and never get close to another micro person ever again. But a tiny classmate shows up at her house, and he's keen on getting her to quit her life as a hikikomori...
A flashback taking place three years and a half ago tells us about Mai's first day as head of the micro student council, during which she also happened to meet the (future) head of the normal-size student council, Ganaha Kanako...
What happens when a bully is herself bullied by someone she met online? And what if this person is actually smaller than that bully's thumb? And what if the two happen to go... to the same school?
An unfortunate micro couple decides to spend some time alone inside the school infirmary, but things soon take a turn for the worse...