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Saya is a side character of Half Inch High, being Nana's micro sister.

General info

At first, Saya used to be a cheery and happy girl who had been living her entire life in a safe environment both at home and at school (safely placed in the sole micro-only district of the town); but this changed when she witnessed with her own eyes some of the cruelest aspects of the outside world.

Role in the story so far

Saya debuted in episode 10 (Saya's Little Adventure), where she was spotted by Sekira when sneaking into her normal-size sister's school, and was almost crushed by her. This and other incidents (The Art Of Cosplay) changed her perspective on life, making her become more cynical and apathetic.

She later joined her sister's school officially (Love Is Love), where she is shown to be a lot more wary of the dangers around her than most other students (Gym Class).


Most of the main characters meet one another in the gym during P.E.: what sort of hijinks could possibly ensue whenever students of different sizes group together to run or play volleyball?
Saya and the others are discussing the recent events at a friend's house, when a small prank quickly snowballs into something that could have much more serious consequences for the small group of micros...
As we all know, heartfelt love confessions aren't unheard of when it comes to Japanese high schools: but what happens when the one who's confessing his feelings is only 1/180th the size of the girl he likes?
From the point of view of a half-an-inch tall person, rain might sound like the worst thing ever: but there are even worse things that can happen to a micro student during a rainy day...
What could possibly happen when a girl decides to enter a micro-only zone for a cosplay photoshoot?
Meet Saya, a sheltered tiny girl who wants to know more about the big world around her: and what is the best place to start from, if not her normal-sized sister's high school?