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Nana is a side character of Half Inch High, being one of Bunny's friends.

General info

Nana is an introvert girl who is among the smartest in her school; she likes reading all kinds of books and writing novels. She does have a good number of friends, but she hardly speaks to anyone else—and definitely not to the boys, unless they are micros. She is also really into detective stories and comics, and has thus started investigating on any accident involving tiny students that occur at school purely for the fun of it: this has lead her to suspect Alice is behind a number of these incidents, though she has collected no evidence against her thus far.

She has a micro sister, Saya, who also attends the same school as her.

Role in the story so far

Nana debuted in episode 6 (Detective Girl), where she failed to prove Alice's involvement in the kidnapping of one of her micro friends. She has ever since been involved with her or her bully friends many other times (e.g. The Beach Episode, Rainy Days), always attempting to hinder their actions but without success.


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