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Nozomi is a side character of Half Inch High, being one of Bunny's acquaintances.

General info

Nozomi is a very extrovert girl who deeply cares for her friends; this extends to Bunny as well, as although the two started as mere classmates, they grew closer through a shared history of common tragic events.

Role in the story so far

Nozomi debuted in episode 20 (Lunch On The Rooftop), where her encounter with Alice and Sekira resulted in a tragic end for her micro boyfriend. This made her lose the will to come to school, which she only regained upon making a new micro friend (Hikikomori); this also reignited the flame in her heart, making her more willing to openly confront and go against those who indirectly caused her boyfriend's death, such as Alice (Road To Kyoto).


Latest episode
The students of the Hanichi mixed-size school go on a trip, with Kyoto being their destination of choice: however, trouble is afoot among the members of group 7.
After the events of a past episode, a certain girl decided to become a shut-in and never get close to another micro person ever again. But a tiny classmate shows up at her house, and he's keen on getting her to quit her life as a hikikomori...
The bullies at the Hanichi high school finally cross the line, as a girl and her tiny boyfriend have an unpleasant encounter while having their lunch on the school rooftop...